BQ24061 - Power Down Leakage

Q: BQ24061 - Power Down Battery Pin Leakage

 The part has protection to prevent battery drainage.  This is working correctly.  The issue I have is when no power is present at pin 1 and the chip is not enabled by setting pin 8 high at 3.3V I'm getting a voltage around 800mV at pin 1.  I'm assuming the voltage at pin 8 is feeding in through the part and out of pin 1 because when pin 8 is low there is no voltage on pin 1.  So my question is when no power is present at pin 1 should there also be no power present at pin 8?

Answer: There is an internal impedance of around 4k between the CE and Vin, so there will be a voltage on Vin.  If this does not cause an issue in the system, then this can be ignored.  If it creates an issue then a pull down resistor can be put between Vin and gound and more resistance can be put in series with the CE pin to lower the voltage on the Vin pin.