Bq24079:interval time without battery

Q: Bq24079 : Signal timing without battery

We have a question about interval of time between the following conditions:
1 From CE_pin changing low to CHG_pin changing low
2 From CHG_pin changing low to CHG_pin changing high
3 From CHG_pin changing high to Bat detection starting
4 Bat detection cycling time

A: Re: Bq24079: Signal timing without battery

A1) The time from pulling CE high until the CHG pin going high impedance is typically 4us and should always be less than 10us.  the delays are through normal gates with no deglitch times.

A2) The charge time is base on the capacity of the cell, the depth of discharge and the charge level set, so the designer will have to estimate this time based on their system.

A3) The battery detection happens after termination and can be due to the battery being removed or a full cell that terminated normally and it typically takes 500ms and the range could be 375 to 625ms.

A4) 375 to 625ms, typically 500ms.