bq24075 – Detecting USB vs AC

Q: bq24075 – Detecting USB vs AC by 1800947

How does the BQ24075RGT know if a USB source or am AC adapter source is plugged in? The BQ24020DRCR has seperate inputs for these DC sources but the BQ24075RGT does not. EN1 and EN2 are suppose to cap the current off at 100mA or 500mA for USB sources, but a greater current can be sourced by AC/DC how does the chip know which is connected when they both have the same 5V output?

Q: Re:  bq24075 – Detecting USB vs AC by 10449

The bq24075 does not know if you connect a USB or AC adaptor to its input.  The designer will need to use additional circuitry to determine the amount of current available for charging and then configure the bq24075 appropriately.