bq24031, ISET2 pin

Q: bq24031, ISET2 pin by 1567918

I know that ISET2 pin has the function which can select USB100 or USB500 when USB input is present and PSEL=LOW. This is mentioned in datasheet.

What I want to know is about the function of ISET2 pin when AC input is present and PSEL=HIGH. Does bq24031 have the same function as bq24032A and bq24038 or not?

If it doesn't have, can I open ISET2 pin when USB input is always absent (no used in system)? 

A: Re: bq24031, ISET2 pin by 10449

The bq24032A and bq24038 are the only two ICs that have the "half-charge" functionality.  The bq24031 does not have the "half-charge" function.  For the bq24031, when AC is present and PSEL=H, the charge current is controlled by the ISET1 pin.  ISET2 does not affect the charging current, so it can be pulled either low or high.  I do NOT recommend leaving ISET2 open or floating.  ISET2 is a digital input to an IC, so good design practice is to terminate the pin high or low.