bq24610 ISET1 vs ISET2 voltage

bq24610 ISET1 vs ISET2 voltage by 1589050

I want to confirm  whether the following is right.
 The bq24610, bq24617 etc input voltage of ISET1 needs larger than the input valtage  of ISET2, doesn't it?

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Re: bq24610 Iset1 changes by FET during charging by 10449

Yes, ISET1 voltage should always be larger than ISET2 voltage for proper control of charging and termination currents.

 The bq24610, bq24617, etc ISET voltages can be changed during opeation (on the fly).  You should be careful to make sure that you understand how changing the ISET pins during operation may affect charging and termination.  For example, if you set ISET2 larger than ISET1, the IC will never terminate charging normally and will instead charge until the termination charger times out because the termination charge is set higher than the fast charge current.