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New Version of Fusion Digital Power Designer Available (v1.8.140)

Version 1.8.140 of Fusion Digital Power Designer is now available for download on

Highlights of key changes since 1.8.95 are described below.



·         Various 64-bit Windows fixes.

·         Various new TPS devices now supported.


UCD92xx and UCD90xxx:


·         Updated the “new device” project files for devices that match more recent RTMs. These updates will ensure that when you open a project file with out-of-date virtual firmware, the GUI will prompt you to perform a virtual firmware upgrade (update command list and firmware version).

·         Rails’ names from a previously opened project file were not always replaced with new values from a project file. Fixed.

·         Rail names and Pin names were not updated correctly when either open or import project file to device where there are multiple devices connected to the same PMBus. Fixed.


UCD92xx Design Tool:


·         In the schematic editor, if you made edit to the bulk capacitors, those edits could be lost in certain scenarios. Fixed.

·         For Vishay SUD10P06-280L, RDS(on) @ 2.5 changed from 1.4 ohm  to 10 ohm.

·         The TI Recommended value for Rcs2 (and by association the value of Ccs) has changed on UCD7242 and UCD74106 schematics. If your schematic was configured to use the old TI recommended value, you will be notified about the change.

·         Fixed crash in design tool when LIGHT_LOAD_LIMIT_LOW was 0.

·         The value of MAX_DUTY command was not being used in time model, and 99% was always assumed. Fixed.

·         The schematic Rtrace value was not being use in the time simulation. Fixed. Note it was already being used in the loop response simulation.

·         Added shunt versions of UCD74110 schematic. Low-Vin (< 6V) versions of UCD74110 schematics were also added.




·         STATUS_WORD: MFR bit was not always being updated. Fixed.

·         If you imported a project file (online) saved from a device that had > 999 resets according to RESET_COUNT or RESET_COUNT2, the wizard would reject the file with cryptic message “input string not in the correct format.” Fixed.