Smart Fusion Log, UCD9222, READ_TEMPERATURE_2_1


I have a design which utilizes the UCD9222 to control two seperate power drivers. I have both of the Temp pins of the controller connected to the Tmon output pins of the drivers. I recently ran some tests with the GPIO-to-USB adapter connected to the PMBus header on my board and recorded the data monitored with the Smart Fusion Digital Power designer. Upon reviewing the logged data, I see a "READ_TEMPERATURE_2_1" command in the log. I can't find any mention of this command in the "UCD92xx Digital PWM System Controller PMBusCommand Reference" document. I expect that this is probably the command to read the value on the Temp2 pin of the UCD9222 device (if I am monitoring Rail 1 with the Fusion software). Can you please confirm? If I were monitoring Rail 2 with the software, would "READ_TEMPERATURE_2_1" be the command to read the value on the Temp1 pin?

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  • Genius 12750 points

    The READ_TEMPERATURE_2_1 is not a command in itself but is actually the method the GUI designer choose to label the READ_TEMPERATURE_2 command for PHASE 1 on the currently selected PAGE (rail).  The log should really reflect just the READ_TEMPERATURE_2 and the user would need to review the last PAGE and PHASE commands issued prior to this command to make the determination about which rail and phase were being reported.

    Of course, in the case of the UCD9222 there can be only one phase per rail.

    This command would be the same whether retrieving the monitored value for the Temp1 pin or the Temp2 pin, what would determine which temp pin is being retrieved would be the last PAGE command received.

     Hope this clears up your question.