UCD3138A: Graphical config tool for UCD3138?

Part Number: UCD3138A


I'm preparing firmware for UCD3138A and I'm wondering if there is a tool that would aid in configuring registers of this IC.

I have downloaded "Digital Power Studio", but if I don't miss anything, this tool allows only to generate code configuring filter coefficients.

It would be extremely helpful to have a tool preparing similar code for defining operation of blocks and interconnections between them (the mode and period of DPWM, timing of pulses, triggering of EADC by the DPWM, the filter driven by the EADC, the filter's output to DPWM, etc.). This should be possible for any arbitrary power system topology. Preferably this would be a graphical tool, allowing to draw a kind of schematic.

Is such tool available?

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Adam Rudziński

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