Reg: Mounting hole


I want to know that Mounting hole on board require to connect to the my digital ground of board through capacitor.

How much value of capacitor i need to use?

And  mounting hole ground should be same as my chasis ground of connector?

May I know the reason for that?



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  • Ashu,

    What is the device for which you are asking this question?  Please provide more detail.



  • In reply to LeonardEllis:

    I am asking generally, that on PCB is there requirement to connect the mounting hole to digital ground ?

  • In reply to ASHU:


      The general guideline is to connect the thermal pad to the most negative voltage in the circuit.  So if this is GND (0V), the pad would be connected there.  However, without knowing the device type, I cannot recommend other than this.  Most datasheets have a layout section, please look in the datasheet to see what the recommendation is.  If there is none, then refer to the EVM for that device, see what the tab is connected to in the EVM or Reference Design. 

    If this is still in question, please indicate the device you are designing with.