How to get UCD3138 EVM Source Codes

The source codes for the UCD3138 based Evaluation Modules (EVMs) are now available to request on the TI Website! See the instructions on how to request the firmware below:

Note: Please only request the firmware's for EVMs which you have purchased/received.

  1. Go to the EVM webpage on the TI Website (

  2. Scroll down to the Software Section, and click on the firmware file you need to request:
  3. Click the Request button:                                                         
  4. If not already, Log in to your My.TI account as prompted.
  5. Fill out the request form as prompted, making certain to fill out the brief abstract (example shown in image below)
  6. Click Submit:                                                                      

That's it! Your firmware request will be processed and you will receive an email upon approval.


Brandon Vonk

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