Speeding up Fusion GUI memory debugger parsing.

The default settings for most of the UCD project generate pp files for all the source code C files. The memory debugger from the Fusion GUI combines all the pp files and comes up with a common set of variables that can be viewed in the memory debugger. Combining all the pp files and parsing them will take more time than parsing a single pp file. Hence it is better if we change the project settings to generate a single pp file which has all the variable that we need to see.


1) First pick a C file that has all the #includes in it. This file includes header files that has variables that we need to see in the memory debugger.

2) Go to the project settings and change the "Parser Preprocessing Options" as shown:



3) Now right click on a specific file , for example main.c and change the "Parser Preprocessing Options" as shown:


4) click "OK" and compile the project . Now, in the output directory, there will be only a single pp file called main.pp. 


NOTE: While writing comments in header files , it is advised not to use the comments with "  /*  Comment */ " . Please use the comments using the double slash notation ( //comment ). 

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