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CCS/UCD3138064A: What is update rate of filter YN read value?

Part Number: UCD3138064A

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi TI guys,

I have some question about FILTERYNREAD register update rate.

I have made fast interrupt routine using FILTERYNREAD information. In fast interrupt routine, after comparing FILTERYNREAD, determine whether to do or not to do.

There is no problem when event period of fast interrupt routine is larger than 3msec.

But, when event frequency is faster than 2msec, fast interrupt miss event. 

below code is in fast isr routine.

if (((fiq_data.fault_status_raw & DCOMP2_INT_STATUS_MASK)|(fiq_data.fault_status & DCOMP2_INT_STATUS_MASK))
&&(Filter0Regs.FILTERYNREAD.bit.YN < 1000000)) {