REF5025: Values of internal resistors

Part Number: REF5025

We have an inquiry about what the actual values are of R1, R2 inside the REF5025.

Obviously, the ratio is easily found, and the absolute resistance may vary quite a bit, so we're looking for the typical value, +/- percentage.

Thanks, Best, S. Dunbar, AFA Colorado

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  • Antennahead,

    The actual output stage of REF5025 is much more complicated than the simplified Functional Block Diagram shown in the datasheet would make you believe – for that reason I cannot simply provide you with an answer regarding, R1 and R2, resistor values.  At the same time, we are forbidden by our company internal policy from revealing more detailed information about the circuit topology than what is shown in our datasheet.  

    Marek Lis, MGTS
    Sr Application Engineer
    Precision Analog - TI Tucson