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Find Part Number of Top Side Marking


I want to find the part number of top side marking as below:




Could someone let me what is part number of top side marking?


  • TI Applications support can not provide a branding cross.  please visit http://quality.sc.ti.com/news/anti-counterfeit/default.htm to contact TI Quality's anti-counterfeit for assistance.

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    Since it is obviously a TI chip, I don't understand the canned response.

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    Unfortunately there are companies that produce counterfeit copies of Texas Instruments and other companies ICs.  They are able to sell these ICs because they produce the ICs to look like the ICs of the company they are counterfeiting, including the markings.  The counterfeit team at the link provided in this thread can validate the IC markings and give you the TI part number.

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    Hello Michael

    The link in your mail does not work. Could be becuase it is in 2010 and I am writing in 2012. Can you please help and provide the updated link.

    This IC is onboard of a Silver Telecom part and I know that Silver is a major customer of TI (I used to be a disty). I cannot see them using a counterfeit IC. I do however, remember a penchant of Silver to use standard TI parts with a very minor modification and custom marking.

    Is it possible in this case?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Please email ti-counterfeit@list.ti.com to investigate these types of concerns.

    Chris Glaser

    Texas Instruments

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    All we want to know is the technical details of this part. We are not complaining of a counterfeit supply. Sorry to say this, but we are not getting the answers we seek instead we are facing a run-around by the technical team and the counterfeit department.

    This is the response I received from your counterfeit department.

    We have reviewed the thread but would need the following information before we can provide any additional information.  Please review the attached customer letter and provide the required information to ti-counterfeit@list.ti.com.
    Required information:

    1)      Completed Counterfeit Request Form.
    2)      High quality pictures of the bottom & top of the device(s)
    3)      High quality pictures of the 2D bar code labels.  
    4)      Copies/pictures of shipping documents, i.e. packing slip showing the origin of the devices to TI or an authorized TI distributor.  (If this information cannot be provided we are unable to provide verification due to uncertainties regarding chain of custody of the products.)
    5)      Provide device application.
    Once the required information is provided and submitted, your request will be reviewed for verification.

    ð Important Note: The attachment size limit for the group address (ti-counterfeit@list.ti.com) is 1MB.  Email lisam@ti.com and purpura_leslie@ti.com if your attachments are larger than 1MB.
    TI strongly encourages you to purchase all your TI parts either directly from TI or from authorized TI distributors (http://focus.ti.com/docs/general/distribcountryresults.jhtml) and not from the gray market or brokers.
    Thanks and regards,
    QA Facilitator


    Please note, we are not complaining of a CF supply so point 1 is mute.


    Pictures are already on this thread.

    3 and 4.

    What 2D bar code labels? What shipping document? We have not bought any product. We are trying to identify the product.


    DC-DC converter.

    I once again request TI to identify the TI part or if it is a custom part, please give us the closest equivalent.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It turns out that we have a website that will help you cross reference a top side part marking to the actual TI part number.  Here's the link.  http://focus.ti.com/general/docs/partmarking/partmarkinghome.jsp  If the system does not return a result, the web page directs you to your local PIC and provides that link.

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    Hi Devesh,

    I was wondering if you get the answer?

    I jumped onto this thing recently. If you know what it is, could you let me know? Thanks a lot.