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LMV431A: Pb plated option

Part Number: LMV431A


I am using part # LMV431AIM5 in an application that needs tin whisker mitigation.

The datasheet, ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lmv431.pdf on package addendum page 1, shows there is an option (though Not Recommended For New Designs) for a possibly non-RoHS package. Can anyone at TI tell me if there are any options for getting a version of the device with lead plating?

It can be a Sn-Pb plating, just at least 4-5% lead.




  • Hello Daniel,

    As you point out LMV431AIM5 is the option with Sn-Pb Plating, while it is been put in a 'Not Recommended for New Designs' status it can it still be ordered as of the date of this reply.

    Our 'Material Content Search tool' will give you details on the material contents including the 'Frame Plating' for a given Orderable Part Number (such as LMV431AIM5)  – and as the Material Content Results for LMV431AIM5 indicate its Lead Frame Plating is an Sn-Pb Plating, with 37% Lead (and other Nonferrous Metals).

    If your preferred authorized distributor does not currently have LMV431AIM5 in stock you can ask them to reach out to Texas Instruments to fulfill your production needs.

    Best Regards,
    Victor S.
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