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TLC5958: TLC5958 IC programing for only one color Display.

Part Number: TLC5958

Hi All,

I have an Project Where TLC 5958 driver IC is used to drive the 16x48 LED Board.16x48 Board will be used to display English alphabets . Each OUT channel of TLC5958 IC is used to control 1 column of the 16x48 matrix board .  All the function of IC(Brightness Control etc. ) is working properly still I am facing following issues while trying to control OUT channels.

1.  When I send GS data ={0xFFFF,0xFFFF,0x0000} 16 times to fill the 16 channels (the default configuration of function Register is used that uses 1 Scan line.) The OUTR0 - OUTR14 channels will be turned off. that is perfect. whereas  when the GSdata is={0xFFFF,0xFFFF,0xFF00}    the  OUTR0-OUTR8 channels are supposed to be turned off but  all OUT channels is on . 

Please help me to find the solution of this problem .

I am also attaching my code and the semitics for detailed information.




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  • Hi, Mayank,

    Let me take a look at this and reply you next Monday.

  • Hi, Mayank,

    As you can see from the application note SLVA645 figure 12, if you send GSdata is={0xFFFF,0xFFFF,0xFF00} 16 times, your R channels are all set to 0xFF00, they will turn on.

    If you want to set OUTR0-OUTR8 off, you need to send GSdata is={0xFFFF,0xFFFF,0x0000} for the first 9 times.

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  • In reply to Kenneth Du:

    Hi kenneth,

    Thank you for your reply. Now i am able to control each and every pin of TLC5958 LED Driver.  

    I want to display a pattern of English alphabets on 16x48 LED  Display Board . I am using shift registers to control 16  rows and TLC5958 driver to control 48 colums of Display Board .

    I am facing following issues while achieving this functionality. Please suggest me the appropriate solution.

    1. After 16 channel row data i am sending the 48 bit data of TLC5958 driver 16 times because i am  using just one scan line .  this process will repeat itself 10 times because my font size is 16x10. this process should be so fast that the pattern will be visible. but the display board is showing the blinking pattern. I think it is because it takes some time to fill 16 channel memory unit  of 48 channel IC . Please suggest me solution to reduce that time .

    and sir can you please verify that TLC5958 can be used for controlling individual LED because i am using each OUT channel of TLC5958 to control a colum on my board .

    Thanks .

    with Regards

    Mayank .