LMG5200 DC operation

Part Number: LMG5200

I would like to use the LMG5200 for an application that switch the drain power to an RF amplifier. I need to be able to provide operation at DC.

I ran the simulations using a power supply rail of 28V connected to Vin and could see that this would be a great part for my application if I can operate it down to DC.

If anyone has an easy solution that would allow me to operate this part at DC I would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

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  • In reply to Alberto Doronzo:

    Hi Alberto,

    I stand corrected - as you say it should be able to get down to 10ns which represents 1% duty at 1MHz. Trust customers to be awkward and want to use components you designed for power conversion to do something different!! 

    I will start to design a test board soon as possible, and allow for some options with the bootstrap capacitor. The LMG5200 chip packaging looks really easy to design in. Unlike the DrMOS style chips which are a nightmare to design PCB footprints for.

    While I'm here, thanks for your video elsewhere on the TI site, real professional sir!

    I'm sure TI will have sucess with this quite revolutionary part.