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LM5113: Maximum PWM frequency and package choice

Part Number: LM5113


Hoping to use this device in a reference design but cannot ascertain the maximum switching frequency supported - data sheet states "operates up to several MHz".

Typical performance data curves (Figures 4/5 on page 8) appear to stop at 5 MHz. Is this the maximum supported frequency switching for the device?

Also is there any recommendation on which package type to use for new designs - WSCON (10) versus DSBGA (12)?

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  • Hi Eamon,

    Thanks for your interest in the LM5113 device. One of our applications engineers has been assigned to support your question and you should see a response soon.



  • Hi Eamon,

    for the LM5113 there is no precise frequency limit per se, as it depends on the pulse width, propagation delay, matching  and temperature conditions.

    Typically you should be able to use the part up to 10MHz without incurring in functional boundaries, as long as  the right thermal considerations for both internal consumption and output load are taken into account.

    There are a few applications that have used this part past 13MHz.

    For new design, if practical for the application, the DSBGA is recommended. This has lower parasitic and better thermal performance to the board.

    Also the newer version of the LM5113,  which will be the  recommended part will be available in DSBGA. This will be available shortly under p/n LMG1205.

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