availability of lm5114 and/or ucc27611 in chip form?

Are the lm5114 and/or the ucc27611 available in chip form?

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  • Hi Mark,

    thanks for your interest in these two drivers, unfortunately these are not being offered in chip-scale packaged.

    Is there a particular reason why the available packages are not suitable for your application?

    If you can share more I might be able to suggest an appropriate alternate part.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


  • In reply to Alberto Doronzo:

    Dear Alberto:

    As you may have heard, we were recently acquired by Argo Ai for whom we are building an automotive Lidar system: https://www.argo.ai/blog

    The chip would be used in a multi-chip module to drive fast GaN FETs in a laser driver.

    We are in the Engineering phase right now so the initial quantities are small, but production quantities would be large, i.e., automotive.

    What would be the minimum quantity of known good die, e.g., would you require that we purchase the yield from an entire wafer?