LMG5200: Using LMG5200 as negative voltage

Part Number: LMG5200


Could I use LMG5200 as negative voltage?

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  • Hi Yokota,

    Thanks for your question. Just to be more specific, can you let us know which negative voltage do you mean so we can answer your question more precisely? DC bus voltage? Input PWM signal negative voltage?

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  • In reply to Lixing Fu:

    Hi Lixing-san

    I'm sorry I didn't make it clear enough.

    I use LMG5200 for DC bus voltage.

    If I use this device for negative DC vus voltage, what the voltage could I use it?

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  • In reply to takahiko yokota:

    Hello Yokota-san,

    Thanks for your explanation. LMG5200 is a half-bridge power stage. Sorry but it cannot be used for a negative dc bus voltage, which means that the dc bus voltage must be higher than GND. Although you do not see a diode in the FET, it can still conduct current in the third quadrant, which means from source to drain in the off state. Therefore, it is similar to regular Si MOSFET that cannot take negative dc bus voltage.

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