25-30W Isolated DC/DC

I'm looking for some reference designs for a 18-60VDC in, 5VDC out, 25-30W isolated DC/DC converter. I could find some designs that work from 36-72VDC input. E.g., LM5030's EVM AN-1305 LM5030 Evaluation Board. I'm not sure whether the same can be extended to my requirement. Any inputs in this regard would be of help.


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  • Krishnan,

    The LM5030 Evaluation board was design to operate over the standard Telecom input voltage range which is 36-72Vdc.  Yes you could modify the design to work from 18-60Vdc, this would require you to change the transformer turns ratio, possibly the current sense resistor, the output feedback divider network, and feedback compensation network.