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UCC27222: Predictive gate driver in synchronous boost application?

Part Number: UCC27222

Hi all,

I'm looking for a half-bridge gate driver to use in a synchronous boost DC-DC design, and I'm attracted to the idea of an adaptive driver to maximize efficiency.  I found TI's predictive gate drivers (UCC27222 / UCC27223), read all I could find about them, and concluded that these seem like fantastic parts.  They are, however, described as being specifically suited for a buck application, as are all of the adaptive gate drivers I found from TI and everyone else.

I'm wondering: is there any reason I couldn't use one of these predictive parts in a synchronous boost design?  The circuit shares the same three main power parts (half-bridge switches and an inductor) arranged in the same way, just with the input and output nodes swapped.  It seems to me that the synchronous rectification principle would be the same in both converters, namely that you want to turn on the synchronous switch as soon as possible after shutting off the low-side switch without inducing shoot-through currents.