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Hello all,

A customer ask,

" I am designing an optical balance detector with two photo-diodes, one forward and the other reverse biased. One can be fed with up to 20V and the other down to -20V.

I am looking for a TI solution that will provide an adjustable +/-20V simultaneously. The input voltage can be 9V, 12V or even greater but the output voltage must be adjustable using one potentiometer which will drive the two Vout(s) with the same voltage as normal/inverted. Namely +/-5V, +/-6.3456 whatever volts, up to...as close to +/-20V."

could anyone suggest me the product please?

Thank you in advance

  • Hello Kaustubh,
    What current do you need the +- rails to produce?
    This is critical to finding a solution.

    The TPS65131 is a dual +- converter can produce +-15V 300mA from a 2.7-5.5Vin.
    However this has a resistor divider on each output to set the voltage, so it would not be adjustable by a single POT.

    Best Regards,

    Ed Walker
    Texas Instruments 
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