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DC/DC converter with adjustable output Voltage


i am looking for an DC/DC Converter.

Inputvoltagerange from 24V to 36V

Outputvoltagerange from 4V to 23V

Outputcurrent from zero to 5 A

I need three of these Outputs in my circuit.

It would be great when we could monitor voltage an current from the output.

Many thanks for the support


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    Okay thanks for the information.

    But there is one thing i didnt understand at the moment. What can i do that the regulator will be stable over the hole Voltagerange from 4V to 23V because i dont now the current i could be from 0A to 5A. That depends on the connectet equipment an is different every time.

    Best regards an HNY.


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    Happy New Year 2U2,
    Input voltage variation is automatically compensated for with Current Mode Control CMC.
    With Voltage Mode Control VMC the modulator gain is Vin/Vramp, so loop gain increases with Vin.
    Feed Forward is added to Voltage Mode Control in some IC's, which will make Vin/Vramp a constant.

    The load Cout * ESR will show up in the loop calculation as well as RL (effective load resistance).
    It depends on whether VMC or CMC is used, but both control methods will have some form of load variable.

    Discontinuous Conduction Mode DCM operation in VMC will cause the loop gain to decrease, thus lowering the loop crossover, net effect is to reduce the transient response.

    You will need to evaluate worse case conditions for the control method used.

    If you have no control over what load is connected then it is recommended to have a very slow loop response and a very low impedance output (lots of capacitance) to dominate any load effects.

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