Universal Input, isolated AC-DC converter with ultra low form factor

Im looking for Universal Input (90-264 VAC)  Isolated AC-DC Power supply with very small form factor with output voltage of 24V or 12V or 5V (Any Single output). Total Output Power is 2W or lesser.

Please provide isolated topologies, Design references which can support this. Form factor is of prime importance and costing is secondary.

We tried with Flyback topology. However, the size of the transformer is bigger than expected. Is there any design references for Flybuck topology considering Universal input?

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  • Manas,

    Happy New Year! Thank you for your interest in TI here.

    In general, if it has to be isolated, a flyback really is your best solution. I suggest looking at ti.com/powerlab to look at different reference designs. For example, I found these designs using chips like our highly integrated UCC28880 and UCC28910 as very small solutions:



    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

    Most flybucks are just general Constant On-time buck controllers and do not have features suited for Offline applications (such as optimized gate drivers, targeted switching frequencies <150kHz, and EMI jitter for example) so you see them more in DC input applications.