Before you post!! AC/DC and Isolated DC/DC Power Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the AC/DC and Isolated DC-DC Forum!  

In order to facilitate getting help from this forum, please:

1)  Search the forum for an existing answer to your question first. The power of the forum is in reuse of content and discussions. It might be the quickest and easiest path to an answer. Also, search the part number to see which forum it is supported in most often. This could help give you confidence that you are posting in the correct location.

2) Start the Subject line with the part number, followed by a short description of what the post is about.  This helps the other members in the forum understand the basic content of your question or problem.  The part number is important because it increases the probability that someone who has worked with that specific IC will see your post and be able to assist. Subject lines like "power supply problem" are very ambiguous and will not help future users understand what your post is about.

3) Please use tags for your posts.  Include the part number in question plus additional key words such as "ripple, failure, efficiency, overcurrent, etc." The tags improve future search functionality and will help others find the post if it is relevant to their problem.  

4) If you do not have a TI part number yet, like when searching for ideal TI solution, include as much information in the subject line as is practical like Vin range, Vout, Iout typical and maximum, etc.

5) When posting questions about issues you have, always include your specification of Vin range (AC or DC input specified), Vout, and Iout typical and maximum at the least. If you have a specification of other requirements(like Vout regulation, load transient response requirements, standby power, efficiency standards or requirements), please include those up front to help us understand. If debugging your circuit, please include a snapshot of the relevent schematic/layout and include any relevant waveforms that clearly show the operation you are describing.  

6) If you are satisfied with the answer, PLEASE mark click "Verify Answer".

Thank you. 

AC/DC and Isolated DC/DC Power Team

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