UCC28061: In case of VSEN conneting to GND

Part Number: UCC28061

Hi all

Would you mind if we ask UCC28061?
In case of VSEN conneting to GND, the device stops operating.
After release of VSEN conneting to GND, there is abnormal wave form at our circuit.
We would like to share the cirucuit and the wave form.
However these files inculde confidential content.
Could let us know your E-mail address?(We would like to send you the file.)
My e-mail address is as follow;

Email : matsumoto-h@clv.macnica.co.jp

Kind regards,

Hirotaka Matsumoto

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  • Hi Hiortaka-san,

    I have asked one of our Application Engineers to contact you. You should see a response tomorrow due to the difference in time zones.



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