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VPSA132A datasheet and sample; or replacement


the VPSA132A is used on a car board. but I can't find the component stuffs ti.com. 

Could you comment if it is EOF? is there p2p part to replace? 


BR. Albin

  • Hello Albin, 

    I'm coming up blank for the VPSA132A part number you stated.  The closest thing I could find is a Video Splitter made by ATEN, and I'm sure that is not what you are looking for.  I even thought you might have mis-typed the part number, looked for a TPSxxx device, but again, no luck.

    I did find a distributor in China who refers to this part number as a VW Instrument Panel, so it may be a custom/custom-marked chip.  Can you provide a picture of this device?

    Also I'm wondering why you are needing the datasheet for this device?  Is the board being re-designed? You can send any customer info via email or Private message on E2E. 

    At your service,




  • Hi Albin,

     Seems this is a proprietary device, therefore, no information can be released without an NDA.  Again, I'm wondering what is driving this request?  Please advise.  In the meantime, I am closing this thread.