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TPS65150: Some question about TPS65150

Part Number: TPS65150


I have some question about below.

1. TPS65150 have EMI class B know issue?

2. What is the VGL minimum voltage? If I want set VGL to -7V, set R1=  865k, R2= 150k, right?


3. VGH and CPI voltage level is the same?

4. If Vs=13.5V, I want set Vcom voltage to 3.8V, set R7= 1276k, R8= 500k, right?


  • Hello JeffYC,

    1. Not that I know off, but as with any DCDC converter, layout is important to reduce EMI.

    2. Please check out this application note:

    3. Yes, there is just a transistor between these.

    4. The ratio of your resistors need to follow the resistor divider formula: (R7+R8)/R8 = 13.5V/3.8V.

    Best regards,