TPS65145: TPS65145 Output Drop at Low Ambient Temperature

Part Number: TPS65145

Hi Team,

Customer found that one of TPS65145 output drop at lower ambient test.

The device behave normal before temperature down to minus 5 degree C.

Then they put this NG device on TPS65140 EVM but still show the same behavior.

What's the possible problem of this part?

The EVM result as below:


Voltage Drop:

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  • Hello Shaquille,

    If this is a behavior of just one unit, then I would recommend to open a failure analysis report and with the needed information send the device back to TI for failure analysis.

    If this behavior is the same for several devices, we can go on with applicative problem solving.

    In any case, please try to detail as much as possible the moment when this problem occurs. Input voltage, output voltages, output loads, you mentioned temperature, has there been other tests before the failure was observed.

    Best regards,