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TPS65150: Reverse leakage current

Part Number: TPS65150


             The datasheet mentions reverse leakage current should be as low as possible. Could I know how much reverse leakage current  is low as much as below for red mark? Thank you. 



  • Hello Patrick,

    This depends on the output voltage and the ambient temperature. For your reference you can take the characteristics of the MBRM120ETG:

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  • In reply to Ilona:

    Hello ilona,

    Is MBRM120ETG used at EVM board?? What is side effect if the reverse leakage current too large??Thanks.

  • In reply to Patrick Chen:

    Hello Patrick,

    On the EVM the SL12 is used. MBRM120ETG is a newer diode which we used recently with different devices.

    Leakage current of the rectifier diode is reducing the efficiency of the circuit because some of the inductor current is not delivered to the output but sent to GND via the power switch on a boost converter.

    Sometimes it might even be impossible for the converter to regulate if there is really excessive leakage current.

    This is generic to any switching converter.

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