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TPS65150: TPS65150 VS Voltage drop issue

Part Number: TPS65150

Hi ,

    my customer met a problem that when adjust the capacitance value to 1uF or 0.1uF which connected to DLY1 and DLY2,the voltage of VS of TPS65150 will drop to vin ,if I set the capacitance value to 0.01uF, the voltage will not drop. so my question is that what's the delay time range of TPS65150,why we change the capacitance , the Vs voltage of TPS65150 will drop, Thanks.

below picture is the we change the capacitance to 1uF.

schematic please refer to as below.

  • Hello Jerry,

    The picture and the schematic seems not to be attached. But please check with the customer if he as well changed the FDLY capacitor or just the DLY1 and DLY2 capacitors. It is possible that the fault delay timer expires before the delay times are passed, if the FDLY capacitor is not changed.
    Your customer could easily check this by shorting the FDLY capacitor for the test. If the part then starts normally, the FDLY cap is causing the issue.

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