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TPS65150: QFN Pin 1 Keepout Area

Part Number: TPS65150


Upon examining the suggested footprint on page 46 of the datasheet, I noticed a keepout area underneath pin 1 of the device.    Details are as such:

Couple of questions:

1. Why is this required?

2. Is this required on all four corners, or just the one corner.



  • Hello Donald,

    Thanks for your request. This keepout area indicates where the first pin is. If you have to exchange the IC manually on the board this will give you a hint how to solder the IC correctly. Of course no need to add this on all corners.

    Best Regards.
  • In reply to Ilona:

    Thanks ilona,

    So that I understand correctly.   Do we need to include this keepout on the PCB layout?    Or is it only for a visual reference?

    PCB space located at the corners of the QFN package is very valuable when fanning out the traces.   Using this to place a via and/or trace is the preferred choice.


  • In reply to Donald Schelle90399:

    Hello Don,

    Please excuse maybe my previous answer was a bit to fuzzy.
    It looks like this example view needs to be updated as you do not need to add a 'via keep out area' for electrical reasons. A via keep out area is required if the leadframe possibly has an exposed copper area at that corner. However this is not the case for the TPS65150 device.
    This means you can use this area to place via and traces. If you need to indicate Pin 1 on the board you can use silkscreen.
    We will need to update the datasheet. I hope this helped.

    Best Regards.