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CCS/LP8860-Q1: LP8860-Q1 Driver

Part Number: LP8860-Q1

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I have a piece of LP8860-Q1 DEMO BOARD through UI adjustment (using SPI)

Found that the changed register is only DISP_CL1_BRT, DISP_CL1_CURRENT

So,I use the 8051 to write the same value but can not make the LED BOARDlight, WHY ??

  • Hi,

    I think you've provided EN/VDDIO signal high as you can see change on brightness and current registers.

    Could you also check brightness input mode from EEPROM addr 0x66[1:0]?

    If 0x66[1:0] = 00b, it will only take PWM input signal as brightness input. Please use 10b for this to use brightness register(DISP_CL1_BRT)

    Hope this works for you.

  • ok,Pardon, may I ask a question

    if you do not set the EEPROM LED BOARD can you active?
  • In reply to matt chen:

    Hi Matt, 

    Sorry for the delayed response, I accidentally missed your last question. 

    You only require VDD supply and VDDIO/EN high to "activate" the device and be able to access EEPROM and registers from LP8860-Q1. There is no need to provide Vin and use LED board if the purpose it just to manipulate EEPROM and registers.

    Hope this answers your question.