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TPS92692: Buck

Part Number: TPS92692

I'm interested in using the TPS92692 as a buck.  I know the LM3429 included a low-side buck as an example of a typical application.  Is there any reason that I can't use this topology?

  • Hello Paul,

    I'm sure it can be, you could just connect it like the buck configuration shown in the TPS92691 datasheet. But you would probably need to high side sense if you need the disconnect FET since it is referenced to CSP. I can double check if you like.

    But really, unless there is some particular feature of the 692 you need there are usually better dedicated buck converter options. If you would like to let me know what specs you need (VIN range, LED stack voltage/current, analog/PWM dimming, etc...) I could give you some recommendations. Thanks.