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LM36274: Looking for a power supply o support LCD bias and WLED backlight

Part Number: LM36274



I’m looking for a DC-DC boost converter for TFT LCD bias and backlight. Input is +12V or +5V, output is +24(5mA), -6V(5mA) for LCD bias and 21V(200mA) for backlight.

I see TI has such part, such as LM36274, but its output is +/-4V ~ +/-6.5V for LCD bias.

Can you please recommend a part for my application?



  • Hi,

    TI does not have a single device that fits your design requirements. Are you open to a 2-device solution?
    Also, could you specify how many backlight channels are required?

    Angelos Tsiros
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    Hi angelos,

    Thanks for the reply.
    If no specific part fits my requirement, I am okay to a 2-device solution. One is dedicated for LCD backlight. The backlight ciruit is 7LEDs in series, typical LED forward voltage is 3V. Do you have any recommendation?

  • In reply to Caiyun Fang:


    You can try the TPS61500 for backlight and the TPS65100 for LCD bias. If those are not exactly what you need I would recommend starting new E2E threads under those devices because the teams supporting those products would be better equipped to help you further with this.

    Angelos Tsiros