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TPS61310: TPS61310 ,Video light mode , continue current issue.

Part Number: TPS61310

Hi Sir,

I have a TPS61310 and trying to use LED2 in "video light" mode and output a current of 325 mA.  The datasheet shows it is supported by setting the Tx-Mask GPIO to 1.  I have attempted this many times and have verified the Tx-Mask Input is being set high.

The order of operations I am performing are:

1. set DCLC2[2:0] to 111

2. Set Tx-Mask high

3. Set Mode control to video light mode

The current being output is only 175 mA.

One other thing, the TI TPS61310 EVM GUI only shows the possible current values up to 175 mA, does this function actually work on this device?