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TPS7A7001: LDO has short at input after 3 days of operation

Part Number: TPS7A7001

Dear Sir or Madam,

we use several TPS7A7001 in parallel. Each with Cin=10uF, Cout=10uF+4.7uF, giving a total of Cin=150uF.
VIN=5V5, VOUT=between 3V and 5V0.
After three days of operation (VIN from HMP4040) and RLOAD=open, the DC input resistance is around 20 Ohm or less. 
A PDF file with more details is available here: 
This happened to three PCBs of the same type and we have similar problems with LDK130M-R from ST.
Do you have any idea? Stability, cap size ?
The PCB is for power supply of a satellite radar system.
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