TLV1117: TLV1117 thermal resistance

Part Number: TLV1117


We are considering TLV 1117.
I have a question about the thermal resistance of the package.

Data sheet P5

Also, looking at the data sheet of LM1117,

It is a big difference in the same package of compatible products.
Why is this?
When considering heat dissipation, it is better to use LM1117.

Thank you.

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  • Hi Masazumi,

    TLV1117 was developed by TI while LM1117 was developed by the former National Semiconductor. As a result there are differences between the two devices. While the two products were designed to have many of the same electrical specifications, thermal characteristics are affected by various characteristics of the device such as die size, die attach material, and mold compound material.

    From a thermal perspective, LM1117 would be better to use than TLV1117.

    Very Respectfully,