TPS728: Low cost 1.05V LDO

Part Number: TPS728


My customer looking for  LDO solution 1.05V/1.3V <100mA which is adjustable type.

Input is Alkaline x 2 .


One idea of customer  is  to change 1.3V Or 1.05V  using ext FET switch and change resister divider. (RP111 Ricoh)

For this,TPS74701 seems good, but bias is necessary....

Onother idea talking with customer, is TPS7A7100  Or TPS728xx


So, here is question.

For TPS718xx,  1.3V/1.05V ( TPS718130105 ) is  available? 

Do you think TPS7A7100 is better ?


Please give me your opinion.

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  • Hi Kanji,

    We do not currently have a version of TPS718 for your desired voltages.

    You can really use almost any two LDOs for this application.  You would place the LDOs in a parallel configuration with the inputs tied together and the outputs tied together similar to the blog.  The enable for the 1.05 output can be tied to Vin because it should always be on.  Due to the fact that LDOs do not sink current, when the output is higher than the set voltage, the LDO does not pull down on the output voltage; therefore, the 1.05V LDO will not pull down on the output while the desired output is 1.3V.  At this point you will simply need to drive the enable of the 1.3V LDO when you desire the 1.3V output.  Since both inputs will be tied together you will not have a reverse current condition.

    Two TPS720 LDOs would work if you would like fixed output devices.

    Very Respectfully,


  • In reply to Ryan Eslinger:


    Hello Ryan san

    Thank you for your answer so quickly.

    I 'll suggest customer as your advise.  ( I understand  changing FB resistor devider is no smart)

    Thank you again!