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TPS78001DDCR - problem with parameters


I have a problem with parameters of TPS78001DDCR.

Ignd should be about 1 uA, but I have in some examples 70 uA (with vertical line).

This problem is only in exaples with vertical line on casing.

Is it a fake ?

What does it means CEA on case ?

In two examples on foto there are different horizontal lines over or under letters (CEA). What does it means ?

  • Hi Tomasz,

    I agree that 70 uA is well outside of the expected ground pin current for TPS780. What are the conditions (Vin, Vout, Iout) at the time that you measure 70 uA? Also, just to be sure, since the most common cause of increased ground current is an unintentional leakage path such as excess flux left on the board after assembly, when you do a visual inspection you do not see flux? I do not see any in your picture above, but just want to make sure especially due to the via by pin 4 and not being able to see the components on the other side of the board.

    CEA is the topside marking for the TPS78001. Due to the small size of some packages, we are not able to put the entire part name on the package. Instead a code is used. You can lookup the topside marking of TI devices here: www.ti.com/.../partlookup.tsp

    In order to mitigate the risk of counterfeit devices, we strongly recommend purchasing devices either directly from TI or one of our autohorized distributors as you can find here: www.ti.com/.../anti-counterfeit.html

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  • In reply to Ryan Eslinger:


    We used an external system to measure TPS78001DDCR, as in the documentation on page 17, where R1 = 510k, R2 = 820K, Vin = 3.6V, Vout = 1.9V. In this measurement system, the defective stabilizer had Iout = 70uA, good about 2uA.

    How can you identify defective elements after the markings or labels?

    We buy about 20,000 stabilizers per year, so this is a problem for us.

    Below mark on good and bad packaging TPS78001DDCR:

    Fake marked like this:

    and mark good one:



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    Hi Tomasz,

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