TPS73633 power dissipation number

Q: TPS73633 power dissipation number by 13270

I need max power dissipation number for TPS73633.

Vin = 5V, I load = 400mA, Vout = 3.3V

If we have plot of power dissipation across different loads it will help a lot. Please specify the ambient temperature as well.

A: Re: TPS73633 power dissipation number by 10449

Calculating the actual TPS73633 IC power dissipation is simple.  The equation is in the datasheet.   It's (Vin-Vout)*Iout.  Now you need to ensure that the actual junction temperature stays within recommended limits.  The actual allowable power dissipation is a very strong function of your board layout.  More copper is better.  Ultimately, you will need to build and test it.  The datasheet provides thermal parameters to help with this.  Below are links to more information on using thermal parameters.

Here's a link that has a wealth of good thermal information.