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LM5166: Output voltage accuracy

Part Number: LM5166

Hi all

Would you mind if we ask LM5166?

In case of LM5166Y(3.3V fixed), the datasheet shows REGULATION COMPARATOR is Min=3.23V and Max=3.37V.
Does it mean that output voltage accuracy is Min=3.23V and Max=3.37V?
So, does it contain COT and PFM mode?

Our customer uses LM5166(adj type).
And then, output voltage is 3.1V, Iout=75mA.
According to changing input voltage, output voltage changes.
-Input 12V :  3.190V
-Input 8V :  3.170V
-Input 14V : 3.220V
Our customer doesn't have wave form, however Ton depends on Vin, so Vout changes. 
Is our recognition correct?

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Hirotaka Matsumoto