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LM5116: LM5116

Part Number: LM5116


I am developing a DC DC controller with input voltage ranges from 15V to 100V with output voltage of 14V. I have configured the board for about 15A load current. I developed around 5 boards for testing. My observations were as follows:

1. Board 1 and 2 worked fine and i was able to get an output voltage of 14V. I checked the gate terminal voltage of high side MOSFET and found it to be around 10V in all three boards.

2. Board 3,4,5 gave only 4.65V output, even though my components were one to one the same as Board1 and Board2. The gate terminal voltage of high side MOSFET was around 4.6V.

What might be the fault in these three boards? is there any other parameters that i should verify? i checked the UVLO pin voltage which is above 1.215V in all three cases. I have almost implemented the same circuit as that of LM5116 evaluation board except for the Inductor and MOSFET along with changes in feedback loop.

I verified my circuit about 3 to 4 times but found everything almost the same.

- Anushree