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TPS61170-Q1: Facing some strange issues with TPS61170-Q1

Part Number: TPS61170-Q1

Hi TI support,

We are facing strange issues with TPS61170-Q1 in 5->12V/120mA boost circuit. Not sure it is related to some manufacturing lot or design. Pls find attached design 5->12V/120mA with TPS61170-Q1 which works fine on Webench. This IC we had been using in some other product also for 12->24V conversion. In newly assembled PCB with 5->12V design, I changed 4 ICs from online received lot but couldn’t see any waveform at SW node prompting that IC is not working. Finally getting working IC from other product (from 12->24V design) made 5-12V circuit working.


Attached are layout & schematic of 5->12V circuit along with 5V waveform during power ON.

a. Do you think there are some sensitive timing issues w.r.t CNTRL pin & VIN where there is possibility of IC not getting enabled?

b. Is TPS61170-Q1 so sensitive of getting damaged during normal handling, etc. It seem we have received damaged ICs from online resource.

c. Finally, is the attached design OK?