WEBENCH® Tools/LM5005: LM5005MH rectangle signal at pin switching node

Part Number: LM5005

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

i'm using the LM5005MH with an input voltage of 54-60 volts. The folowing values are used:


Rt: 24kOhm / 1%

Lf: 33µH; Cramp: 330pF

Rfb1: 1,69kOhm / 1%; Rfb2: 1kOhm / 1%

Cbst: 22nF

Css: 10nF

Vcc: 8 volts with an external regulator

Df: STPS5H100B

I tried to some things to get a better result with this input voltage, but i'm still not happy with the output voltage:

  • i tried Lf :100µH / Cramp: 1nF
  • Rt: 11 kOhm, 20 kOhm

 The current in this project is 500mA - 600mA. Does anybody have an idea what to try? Thanks for your help.

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