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Hello everybody!

I'm having troubles with the TPS75003.
I've to feed a Spartan 6 LX150, that requires 2A on the 2.5V output.

Obviously, the component should not be suitable since has a maximum output current of 0.3A.

I'm thinking to configure the 1.2V regulator normally, but to use the 3.3V buck regulator as a 2.5V regulator able to supply 5A rather than 3A simply changing the external components.

And this is the problem!
Looking to the DS of the component, it seems impossible to do it, and, since all the power components (MOS, inductance, diode, sense resistor) are external to the IC, I cannot understand why!

Is there anyone able to help me??

Thank you in advance for your answers

Paolo (Italy)

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