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MC33063A: External switch FET for Vout > 40V

Part Number: MC33063A



Regarding to external FET on MC33063A, my customer is asking a question.

Their requirement :

Vin: 15V, Vout : 150V ,0.8W (Io=5.3mA)

(It is used for PIEZO driver.)


According to datasheet(page8), external switch configurations is described.

But it seems that it is for higher peak current.


Is this device supported Vout >40V( for example: 150V) with external switch(FET)?




  • The MC33063 cannot support >40V in the step up configuration: Pin-1 voltage rating will be exceeded and part will be damaged. For 12Vin and 150Vout, you can consider the LM3488 in boost configuration. Please go to TI website and use the online Webench tool to help you design.