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TPS62175: several questions

Part Number: TPS62175

Hi team,

I have some questions about TPS62175.

1. When they don't use Sleep mode, should they connect SLEEP-pin to VOS-pin?

2. What is the recommended min value of the resistive divider? The datasheet mentions that the value is recommended to allow a current of 5uA and lower values are recommended, but no sure the min value.

3. Could you share the min/max values of Internal Voltage Reference(VREF)?


Noriyuki Takahashi

  • Takahashi-san,

    1. In the datasheet (page 3) you can find "If sleep mode is not used, connect to VOUT". I suggest to do that.
    2. The decision on the feedback divider current is driven by application requirements. More current in the feedback divider lowers the power conversion efficiency, which usually is kept as high as possible. So I consider the lowest recommended current (5uA) as the only critical number here. The maximum output current of the device is 500mA, so if the feedback divider needs more current than 500mA the device most likely will not work properly anymore.
    3. To meet the output voltage accuracy specification (datasheet page 6), the min value of the internal reference (scaled to 800mV nominal) cannot be lower than 785.6mV (min) and higher than 814.4mV (max).

    Best regards, Juergen


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  • In reply to Juergen:

    Thanks a lot!

    Noriyuki Takahsahi