TPS62410, maximum output capacitance.

Q: TPS62410, maximum output capacitance. by 1039632

What is the maximum output capacitance for 3.3V and 1.2V outputs?

The customer has 1128uF for 3.3V output and 62uF on for 1.2V output. The device takes longer to power up since its ILIMF is reached during power up.

Are there any concerns damaging the device due to this high output capacitance?

A: Re: TPS62410, maximum output capacitance. by 10449

Please refer to the TPS62410 datasheet, paragraph "Output Filter Design".  Maximum output capacitance is 22uF.  This IC is not designed for large output capacitances and will be unstable if operated outside the LC filter values that the internal compensation circuitry is designed for.  You can increase the output capacitance above the recommended value if you decrease the inductor value to maintain an LC corner frequency that remains within the limits set by the recommended L and C values.  Note that decreasing the inductor value will decrease the available output current due to higher inductor ripple current.  There are no concerns for damage, just concerns for stability.

This is also valid for the TPS62400 and TPS62420.